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The purpose of the Beach Volleyball Players’ Association, a non-profit organisation, is:

  • to promote, to support, to advise and to represent professional beach volleyball players and their interests in any way possible;
  • to support, to advise and to represent such beach volleyball players vis-à-vis national and international sports associations, organisations and organisers as well as sponsors and other persons and/or companies;
  • to serve as a forum for the exchange of any type of information in connection with beach volleyball;
  • to promote the collaboration between their members on a national and international level;
  • to strengthen the promotion of young players and to to support, to advise and to represent them.

The Association intends to achieve these purposes among other things as follows:

  • Organisation of annual meetings and further meetings as well as seminars and events;
  • Publication of information leaflets;
  • Membership in and/or co-operation with other institutions and organisations having similar or identical purposes.